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Comba Insider Newsletter: Issue #35 October 21, 2020

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The 4th quarter is here and Fall is upon us. We've been busy gearing up to ship all the new products we announced at IWCE and additionally have added a number of new Jumper Cables this month which you can learn more about in our Product Spotlight below. Read all our latest news below and, as always, Stay Safe.

We just released our online 700/800MHz Public Safety Fiber DAS training and certification class. If you are a current Comba University student, you can navigate to our portal and access this new class immediately to become certified to install and commission our Fiber DAS solution. If you need to become a Comba certified installer for either our commerical wireless or public safety products, please contact our Tehncial Support team to learn how.

Also a new eBook entitled - "Commissioning a BDA - A Walkthrough Guide", has been released. Written by Matt Lunny, Comba's Engineering Services Manager, takes a practical approach on the best practices to commissioning a BDA from start to finish. It has great content and can be downloaded here.

Apple embraces 5G. Is this the catalyst for widespread adoption?

5G is finally here. We’ll, not quite, but Apple does own the mobile device market share in the United States at 60% as shown in the chart below...

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Commissioning a BDA -
A Walkthrough Guide, Part II

The very first step in commissioning a BDA is to make sure you come to the job site prepared. This walkthrough is assuming that the system...

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Introducing Comba's new Jumper Cable products. Available in 1.5ft, 3ft and 6ft lengths, these semi-ridgid, .141 plenum rated cables are perfect for your wireless projects. Supporting 4.3-10 or N type connectors, the jumpers also come PIM rated. Finally, all of our Jumpers go through rigorous testing to verify RF signals and PIM verification to ensure the quality and performance are maintained.

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